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The most beautiful and multi-cultural country in the world, Canada has been ranked number one as the most desirable country to live. Emphasizing highly on education, Canada spends more per capita on secondary and post- secondary education than other countries. The degree of Canada’s colleges and universities are highly recognized through the world, and school tuition rates are lower than those in the United States, England, and Australia.

The Greater Toronto Area (GTA) is the largest city of Provincial Ontario, and is the cultural and financial centers of Canada. It offers a world-class selection of cultural and recreational opportunities including the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM), the Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO); Roy Thomson Hall, the Hummingbird Center (live theatre); the Ontario Science center. Every year immigrants from all over the world make the city a lively change. In August 28, 2013, EIU has evaluated the lively degree based on numerous standards among 140 cities and released the global livable city rank, among which Toronto ranked the fourth. At the meanwhile Toronto is one of the world’s best commercial cities, about 40% of Canadian companies in Fortune Global 500 are established in Toronto. Toronto is also Canada’s most sustainable city, from municipal construction, environmental protection, ecological balance and social welfare, etc. Toronto is among the best in Canadian cities. Toronto owns the largest underground transportation system in North America, connected with 1100 stores, hotels and office buildings with convenient transportation and sufficient living facilities. There are many world famous universities in Toronto and in surrounding areas such as University of Toronto, York University, and University of Waterloo etc. to guarantee a well learning environment and a wide range of school choice. Our campus is located in the North York region, the most representative of multi-cultural region in Toronto where the Toronto District School Boards located.


Oxford College of Canada

Oxford College of Canada (OCC) was funded in year 2004 and is a private international and university preparatory high school certified by Ontario Ministry of Education (registration number is 667315). The curriculums applied in our school are based on the Ontario syllabus and the instructors employed by our school all own the Canadian Teaching Certificates and have years of teaching experience in high school, university preparatory and English courses. We aim to cultivate students’ independent learning ability and prepare students with excellent foundations to enter the university. Our school provides with outstanding graduates to university and colleges in Canada and United states each year and shares great reputation in North America.

Our school implements small classes, from 10-12 per language class to about 20 per university preparatory classes. The arrangement allows instructors to focus more on individual counseling and increase the time spent on communication. It also solves various questions students encounter during study to ensure the quality of teaching so that all students can successfully enter their dream institutions.

Our school runs five semesters each year, starting in January, April, June, September, and November providing Grade 9- 12 university preparatory courses. Students who successfully graduate from our school are able to enter universities. Outstanding graduates are able to apply for top 20 universities in Canada. We also provide students with English language training classes (ESL). International students can enroll in these classes from junior to senior level at any time to learn English language and the courses especially focus on Listening, Speaking and Writing to improve their communication skills and assist them to complete high school curriculum. If the students require more assistance with their study, they can ask for additional tutoring.

Our school aims to provide comprehensive, thoughtful, professional, and meticulous service to support students enter universities under comfortable and pleasant learning environment. In addition to the Education department, we also have Recruitment Department, Service Department, and International Cooperation Department. Recruitment Department is responsible for consultation of application procedures, time and process; Service Department is responsible for offering airport pick up, arranging accommodation, organizing social events and visit tours in Canada, supporting international visas and opening local bank account and medical insurance, etc. International Cooperation Department is responsible for liaison and dealing related matters with Canadian organizations outside Canada.

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